We have the power of citrix online powering our online environment. This allows you to have us do a customized training session for you LIVE and online at your shop or school with no travel involved. With our set up, we can show you everything from videos to power points to live demonstrations from our training room and you can still interact with us by asking questions and having them answered in real time. This is your best "Quick" option.

Announcing LIVE ON LINE, in person and self study apprenticeship training will soon be one of the tools in our shed. We plan to blow the roof off of how training for the trades is currently being done and make the trades desirable to our younger generation again. We will announce when this goes live and we will provide you with many more details as to how this will benefit you and the rest of the industry. This will be our proudest addition yet.

Lets be Honest here. Sometimes you don't want to deal with people and travel and that makes live in person training "out" for you. The other option that we give you is the ability to do at least some of your training online in a "self study" environment. You can do this from your home in your PJ's and it is cheaper too. We have thick skin and if you dont want to spend the day with us, its okay if you just go to the tab at the top and stay home.

These are by far our most popular training sessions. To us, that is a badge of honor and we wear it with pride. Our instructor lead courses are top notch. Every one has a sign up and finishes with a certificate. We submit all applicable paperwork to the licensing entity, except for anything that they may require out of you. These courses can be anything you want, but our specialties are: Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Efficiency and OSHA/Safety.

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