Over $775,000 dollars in 2020 15C Grant funds going to Contractors enrolled in Epprenticeship; CEU Authority’s Live Streamed Instructor Led Apprenticeship Program.

What Makes CEU Authority Stand Out

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HVAC Continuing Education Courses Online

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About CEU Authority

We are one of the largest most streamlined Continuing Education Unit (CEU) providers in the licensing jurisdictions of Iowa, and throughout the Midwest. With over a decade of continuing education unit experience, we currently serve the HVAC and Refrigeration, Plumbing, Hydronic, and Electrical trades.

The types of training that we offer include ‘in person’ (live instructor lead), online (self-study), simulcast (live via web), and apprenticeship. We have recently started a new division in our organization and have created the only DOL live stream apprenticeship program, called Epprenticeships. It caters to the HVAC, plumbing and electrical vocations.

Our proven methods keep apprentices on the job full-time and studying in the evenings from the convenience of their own home. Professional instructors lead students via a live-streamed web meeting with presentations, textbook review, and experience from their careers, which enhances the courses.

Our courses have approval in Omaha, Nebraska, Wyoming, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Ohio, Idaho, Kentucky and Minnesota and Topeka, and we are looking to expand to new jurisdictions.

The CEU Authority Difference

Our client base consists mainly of people who want to get certified for a particular trade, but do not have the time to study full-time. Our customized online training becomes ideal, as students can do as little as two online sessions per week.

Clients choose us because we’re always looking to embrace the latest technologies to offer interactive training to skilled trades. We are also the only live streamed backflow prevention assembly tester continuing education provider. Apart from high-quality training for the skilled crafts, we focus on convenience and affordability. Our live continuing education training also has the support of software and staff that always gets the paperwork right.

Our dream for the future is to fill the labor gap by facilitating the educational needs of the skilled professions so that students can receive certificates that improve their chances of employment and gives them the confidence to carry out specialized tasks.

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