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  • Testimonial

    Hey John. I just wanted to thank you for the great instruction you gave us during class. I took my Journeyman exam yesterday and scored a 93. Everything you taught us was spot on and had me more than well prepared for the test. Just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate it!

    - Dustin Bower Benjamin Franklin Plumbing (Epprenticeship Plumbing)
  • Testimonial

    John I took my test 2 weeks ago and passed also! 91%

    - Dyllan Mahannah (Epprenticeship Plumbing)
  • Testimonial
    Jack did a great job keeping the classes moving and educational.
    - Jim C. Redlinger, FAIC, CPC
  • Testimonial

    I thought the instructor, was very interesting to listen to. He was right to the point touched on areas of importance not wasting time. Had one issue myself and another person on the sign up procedure, but the instructor took care of it right away, all and all it was a good.

    I found the class very informational and the instructor was amazing he really knew how to keep all of us interested in the training session. Thanks

    The class went well! Jack did a good job of keeping things interesting with his sense of humor and practical job experience!

    Thanks again,

    - Kerry
  • Testimonial

    It went smooth instructor had vast knowledge of upcoming changes in the industry plus took the time to make sure what he was teaching us was understood and could be used in the field. I will be looking forward to more of your classes in the future ...

  • Testimonial

    Two thumbs up -

    - Don D. Edwards
  • Testimonial

    I’m glad Johnstone supply davenport has a classroom set aside for ceu classes-it’s easy for our employees to get the hours they need and not travel too far-the instructors had good subject matter and kept it moving-thanks

    - dkieffer
  • Testimonial

    The class was excellent. I attend these classes for other states and rarely get any useful knowledge out of them. This class was different. Jack is an excellent instructor and mixes actual experience into the lesson plan to help us get some good information. I look forward to taking the class again in the future. I also want to thank you for catching that I was signed up for the wrong classes for my license and subsequently changing the venue and classes for me. That shows that you folks at CEU Authority are looking out for our best interest and getting us the best value for our money.

    - Rick Kimball
  • Testimonial

    I really appreciate your assistance with getting classes arranged and making it EASY! The instructor did a great job of keeping people interested in the material and ran a great class. Probably the best CEU courses that I have taken. I look forward to working with you along the way for my next renewal.

    Thanks again!

    -C J Goddard
  • Testimonial

    Your classes are great and informative. I have attended classes ...from others... that always seemed to get on ramble, and burn class time up. Stay with the subject as you folks do and I am good. Mike with Mike's Electric....

    - Mike Fahlenkamp
  • Testimonial
    Class was great, Jack has a story for everything and is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the trades. Great teacher.
    -Fred George
  • Testimonial

    Very informative Jack is full of knowledge and teaches and simplifies the literature, so everyone understands. Thank you for the service and see ya in 3 yrs

    - Dave Anderson