Over $775,000 dollars in 2020 15C Grant funds going to Contractors enrolled in Epprenticeship; CEU Authority’s Live Streamed Instructor Led Apprenticeship Program.

Iowa Economic Development 15C Grant

By The CEU Authority |

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The Registered Apprenticeship Development Fund, or 15C, is a grant to increase the number of registered apprentices in Iowa. In 2018 there was $1 million in funding to which only 50% was taken advantage of. The remaining 50% has rolled forward increasing the 2019 total fund to $1.5 million. Last year 25% of the funds awarded went to contractors utilizing CEU Authority Epprenticeship.

Contractors starting a registered apprenticeship program are eligible for up to $25,000 per occupation with a $50,000 cap. Many contractors are multifaceted with plumbing and mechanical technicians; these companies would be eligible for the maximum of $50,000 by starting a registered apprenticeship in plumbing and HVAC. This is also an excellent opportunity for contractors to expand their company into a new trade and hire an apprentice.

15C grant dollars may be used to cover any cost incurred to start an apprenticeship; to include apprenticeship schooling, required tools of the trade, tablets, laptops or computers. Tools alone could cost as much as 10-12,000 dollars. This is an opportunity that benefits employers as well as employees. Apprenticeship is a proven method of growing business as well as elevating the skills and income of the employee.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a DOL approved apprenticeship program
  • Must have 20 or less registered apprentices.
  • 70% of the apprentices must reside in Iowa, the remainder must reside in state contiguous to Iowa
  • Existing apprenticeship programs receiving 15B funds are not eligible
  • Programs are eligible to apply in the January application window the calendar year after they create a registered apprenticeship program.
  • Contact CEU Authority and Register your Apprenticeship Program
  • Budget and Document the cost of your Apprenticeship Program
  • Enroll your employees in the Epprenticeship Program that is correct for you
  • Contact Iowa Economic Development to Start the Application Process
  • Submit Application in January of 2020 and wait for the funds to be awarded April of 2020